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Hi, I'm Annie Liu (she/her/hers), a Computer Science student at MIT graduating in May 2023!

I'm extremely interested in how technology can tell us more about ourselves and better inform the decisions we make in our lives. I love learning and completing projects along the way! Other than coding, I enjoy writing, running, rock climbing, and listening to music.

Some fun facts about me:
  • I'm planning on minoring in writing!
  • Speaking of writing, my best friend and I wrote an (unpublished) 60k - 70k word novel in middle school
  • My favorite foods include cheese, blueberries, asparagus, noodles, cheesecake, or any kind of cake — yum
  • I nearly walked / ran the distance of a marathon in one day
  • I was vegetarian for two years
  • I'm most scared of never reaching my fullest potential, whether it's regret over missed opportunities or not enjoying my life until it's too late


Personal Website + Blogconstantly updating
The site you are looking at right now! It was originally built using Jekyll but I rebuilt it with Gatsby + React during quarantine to make my website load faster and make it easier to develop more features for my blog. Enjoy my drawing of myself — but please, don't comment on the teeth.
Technologies: Gatsby, React, GraphQL
Real Time Chat Appaug 2020 - now
A multi-person real-time private messaging chat application. A registered user can send messages privately to any user who is also registered and the recipient receives the message in real time if they are logged in. Works like any messaging chat application (iMessage, Messenger, etc).
Technologies: Node, Jinja, PostgreSQL, Socket.io
A guessing game from listening to a 30 second preview of a song from Spotify
Technologies: Node, React, Spotify Web API
Internship @ Kupenda for the Children
An interactive map with a filter based on user-selected properties and a feature that allows the user to find the closest facilities from any marker. Demo with mock data
Technologies: Leaflet, Node
UROP @ MIT Media Lab (Lifelong Kindergarten Group)
A creative learning tool to help educators/teachers lesson plan in a more creative and interactive way, since current tools do not address the issues that they face.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Node.js, EJS), MongoDB, Mongoose
Open Streetsjan 2020
MLH Best Use of MongoDB Winner @ TechTogether Boston Hackathon
A crowdsourcing platform that promotes more clean, connected, and collaborative communities by allowing users to post issues on a map, share details, and automatically update the dates and addresses of the posts.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Node.js, EJS, Leaflet.js), Nominatim, MongoDB, Mongoose
Regeneron STS Scholar (formerly Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist)
A machine learning model to predict the locations of proteins using image processing, ensemble learning, and CNNs; aimed at drug repurposing for protein dysfunctional diseases (cancer, asthma, Alzheimer's, etc). I submitted a 14 page research paper to Regeneron STS 2019 (formerly Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist) and was named one of the 300 Scholars out of 1,964 total entrants.
Technologies: Python (Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras)
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