Hi, I'm Annie Liu (she/her/hers), a Computer Science student at MIT graduating in May 2023!

I'm extremely interested in how technology can tell us more about ourselves and better inform the decisions we make in our lives. I love learning and completing projects along the way! Other than coding, I enjoy writing, running, rock climbing, and listening to music.

Some fun facts about me:
  • I'm planning on minoring in writing!
  • Speaking of writing, my best friend and I wrote an (unpublished) 60k - 70k word novel in middle school
  • My favorite foods include cheese, blueberries, asparagus, noodles, cheesecake, or any kind of cake — yum
  • I nearly walked / ran the distance of a marathon in one day
  • I was vegetarian for two years
  • I'm most scared of never reaching my fullest potential, whether it's regret over missed opportunities or not enjoying my life until it's too late
made with ♥ in nyc & cambridge